The Art of Chris Fulkerson

About Me

I'm Chris, an artist from Eugene, Oregon with a passion for creating. I enjoy exploring a variety of media and figuring out new techniques and styles.

Traditionally I'm a drawer and a painter, but I also enjoy 3D modeling, programming, and graphic design. I aspire to learn new skills and develop old ones. I will never stop learning.

I haven’t posted in a while, but here’s a little something I’ve been working on.  Arenanet, makers of Guild Wars, posted an internship application with which you take a 2D image asset that they provide you and then you model and texture it in 3D.

This was for an environmental artist position. It was modeled in Blender, textured in Photoshop and rendered in 3D Studio Max. 

This was an animated short I did for a term project in 3D Animation class. I spent 10 weeks designing, modeling, rigging, and animating this. I used mainly Blender and After Effects.

More progress on this first scene.  Now with some textures and more animations! The masking isn’t complete so that’s why he’s in front of the wall at the end instead of going through it.

Here’s a rough render of the first scene of my animation!

Done in Blender and composed in AfterEffects.

Playing around with cloth, physics, particles, and collision effects in Blender

Progress on a character model for my upcoming animated short! My first time using particle hair. Made in Blender.

Creating some possible facial expressions for my 3D Ghost rig.

Simple warm up bouncy cube animation for 3D Animation class!

-Made in Blender

Progress continues on my 3D modeling project. It’s incomplete and glitchy right now, but I just wanted to show off the rigging and overall progress.